About us


The ZigBear.com site was created by the team at Smartr Digital 

We wanted people to be able to use a more transparent platform,

it's really that simple.

The aim of SmartR is to provide users with easier ways to accomplish what they need with less effort, and we feel that ZigBear offers this.

By combining the best features of companies like Birchall, GoFundme, Kickstarter etc, we can provide the functionality in 1 platform

With a simple structure that allows anyone to register a campaign without having to jump through hoops, as well as providing a clear and affordable platform that provides transparency especially with fees and payouts. This makes the whole process as smooth as it was intended to be.

We welcome any feedback from consumers, like anything that would make the system more enjoyable or easier to use. With the fast implementation of feasible ideas and any problems solved as quickly as possible.

But don't take my word for it, try out our platform for your next campaign and see for yourself,  with $0 setup costs, there's no time like now.

Have a great day 


Paul Howard
Chief Creator - SmartR Digital