How ZigBear Works


ZigBear Crowdfunding 
wants to keep things simple, the way things like this should be.

You want to raise money and withdraw it when the campaigns done, so it can do it's purpose
and help your cause... easily, with no red tape, and no delays.

Simply register an account using either the email register or use the social login buttons we have provided to register automatically using your social profile.
(if you use the simple method of registering using a standard email, you will need to click a verification link to activate your account)
This will give you an account page for all your information including campaigns and donations.


Registering a campaign is just as simple

  • Pick a campaign image
  • Add a Title
  • Pick a Category & Goal Amount $
  • Add your location
  • Then write a few words about your campaign so people know what the donations are for

and hit Create, and that's it


Once your campaign is set up you can then;

  • Create update which will show people "where you're at" with your progress so far
  • View your campaign withdrawal value & adjust targets if required
  • Add Rewards to incentivize donations by giving a little back to donors (see below)



This is an exciting addition to our platform, with the creation of any campaign you have the ability to create a number of "rewards" this might be in the form of 

  • Free gift basket for $50 donations
  • Coupon for $.... worth of services   

etc etc

This gives you a chance to encourage people to donate more for something of similar value to their donation in return, this is great for Business Campaigns, as you can offer your services in return for initial support. We have provided some demo campaigns to give you some ideas on how you could implement this.


So your campaign has finished, or perhaps you ended it earlier than expected. Excellent!

 (we hope you have achieved a nice amount that will help you)

Simply go to your account page and go to campaigns, then click the withdraw button,  if you have set a withdrawal method already then it will accept this and will be forwarded to Zigbear Admin, otherwise you will get a prompt to pick a method of withdrawal, then it will let you push that button. 
Campaign funds are quicker withdrawn to PayPal, than to a direct bank (unless based in Australia) Once Admin approves funds release, then the general turnaround is less than 24 hours.

How does ZigBear make money?

There are $0 setup fees and $0 withdrawal fees, we have a set percentage which comes from donations directly which is set at 5% + 30c for both Stripe and PayPal, this covers ALL transactional fees, as well as helping cover basic site costs. Your full withdrawal amount is shown on your account page as the after-fee amount so you always know what you will receive.